Efremov’s daughter is dating a girl and wants to leave for England

The girl considers herself a non-binary person Ekaterina Labukhina June 1, 2020 18: 54 ANNA-MARIA EFREMOVA INSTAGRAM.COM / AMEFREMOVA The heiress of the famous Russian artist, 56-year-old Mikhail Efremov, Anna-Maria made an unexpected statement. “I sometimes speak masculine about myself. I don’t like to belong to any gender. There are persons who do not consider themselves to be either traditionally masculine roles or traditionally feminine – the so-called non-binary persons. I just consider myself a non-binary person, “the girl explained her position on the air of the new release of Lera Kudryavtseva’s show” Secret for a Million “. She admitted that at the current time she is in a relationship with a representative of her gender, and also dreams of moving to England, create a same-sex family there and adopt a child. Her dad knows about it too. The actor treats this “more or less neutral” and does not suit the 20-year-old daughter of scandals. Now the girl is also trying to help her drinking mother, actress Ksenia Kachalina. According to Anna-Maria, the woman is in an inadequate condition and the best specialists are required for her treatment, and she is trying to attract her father to search for them. “My parents loved to do strange things and made me,” Anna-Maria sneers. Now she visits a psychotherapist every week, who pays 3,500 thousand rubles, the specialist also writes her a prescription for potent antidepressants. The girl feels especially hard after family meetings. Actor, moving, marriage, help, daughter, relationship, psychotherapy, england, Mikhail Efremov, Lera Kudryavtseva, non-traditional sexual orientation, Ksenia Kachalina

Psychic: “Victoria Boni has a marriage ahead”

Marianna Abravitova believes that the lull in the star’s personal life is temporary Marianna Abravitova June 1, 2020 19:25 Victoria Bonya Photo: Instagram.com/victoriabonya Victoria Bonya decided to go into nostalgia – on a recent broadcast, the star told fans that in her youth she had met with a wealthy banker for 5 years , who left the family for her. However, fans are more interested not in Victoria’s past, but in the future. Bonya broke up with her common-law husband Alex Smerfit in 2016, but has not been seen in a serious and long-term relationship since then. However, it is quite possible that everything is fine with the star’s personal life, and she just now decided not to advertise it? We asked this question to the psychic and tarologist Marianna Abravitova. “In her life she had many admirers, including millionaires, and married, and those who left the family because of her. Now Victoria, in some sense, has a less turbulent period in her personal life, but she still has a lot of fans. However, I do not see those next to her who are ready to leave their family for her sake. This period is temporary. This is not the first time I have said that Boni has a marriage ahead of her, and her man on this part of the road has not yet come to her, “Abravitova said.” I can say one thing: Victoria Boni has always had a lot of fans, they are, and she will always have them. The reason for this is not so much the girl’s bright appearance as the merit of pheromones and the presence of charisma, “Marianna believes. With the participants of the” House 2 “project Ruslan Proskurov and Rustam Solntsev” Now there are many men around her for communication in any form: friendly, erotic, intellectual, esoteric, travel. But the time had not yet come for her to create a marriage. This period was given to her for spiritual growth – we can say that she is now in a transitional period: she is actively changing her country of residence, trying herself in different types of activities. Victoria continues to live a busy life, despite a slight decrease in the degree of personal relationships, ”concluded the psychic.

Oleg Strizhenov’s granddaughter got married

The girl came to the registry office in sneakers and a medical mask Ekaterina Labukhina June 9, 2020 13:38 Aleksandra Strizhenova The celebration on this occasion took place on June 6, and she received an offer from her boyfriend for the past New Year. Initially, the girl wanted to arrange a real holiday, but because of the epidemic she had to organize only modest home gatherings. “We signed at the registry office of the city of Zhukovsky. Rings could not be bought, I had to order them on one of the sites literally a day before the celebration, like a dress, “Alexandra told StarHit reporters. Strizhenova got married in sneakers and in a medical mask. In another way, the registry office staff simply would not have painted it. At first, they did not want to paint the couple due to the fact that the bride did not take with her a certificate of dissolution of the previous marriage and a certificate of change of surname.Recall that Alexandra Strizhenova is the daughter of actress Natalia Strizhenova. This is Oleg Strizhenov’s daughter from his first marriage. Note that the first wife of the star was actress Marianna Strizhenova. Their union lasted only a few years. They separated in 1968.

Plushenko showed subscribers a 14-year-old son from his first wife

The guy loves extreme sports Ekaterina Labukhina 6 August 2020 14:27 Evgeni Plushenko Photo: Instagram.com Olympic champion in figure skating Evgeni Plushenko delighted fans with a fresh family photo. A few hours ago, a photo appeared on the athlete’s personal Instagram page, in which he captured his eldest son – from his first marriage. “My son Yegor. He is also an athlete. Loves extreme sports! ” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – he signed the post. Now the guy is already 14 years old. His mother is the ex-wife of the skater Maria Ermak. This marriage was dissolved in 2008, unfortunately, the couple was unable to maintain good relations. For a long time, the woman did not allow Eugene to communicate with the heir. But after a while, she decided that the boy still needs the support and attention of his own dad. Recall that at the moment the main attention in the Plushenko and Rudkovskaya family is focused on the youngest child, seven-year-old Sasha, he is engaged in figure skating and modeling. The father of the other two sons of the producer is businessman Viktor Baturin: Nikolai was born in 2002, and Andrei, the son of Baturin from a previous marriage, will turn 19 in September. Yana adopted him. According to the blonde, her family will soon be replenished – the baby will be born in the very near future. The birth of another heir was her cherished dream. To get pregnant, the 45-year-old socialite put a lot of effort: she was examined and even tried to use the IVF procedure, but she never got the desired result. As a result, she decided to resort to the services of a surrogate mother.

Kharlamov posted portraits of his possible children

The humorist’s post was appreciated by Gosha Kutsenko Ekaterina Labukhina August 24, 2020 12:15 pm Garik Kharlamov www.instagram.com/garikkharlamovComedy Club resident Garik Kharlamov decided to amuse the subscribers of his personal Instagram page with photos generated using a mobile application that combines the features of the intended parents. “Here is a version of my children from Jolie, Shayk, Kutsenko, Batrukha and some others …) leaf through” (hereinafter the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), the artist signed the post. used a photo of Hollywood film star Angelina Jolie, super-model Irina Shayk, as well as actor Gosha Kutsenko, his close friend and colleague Timur Batrutdinov and the host and actress Larisa Guzeeva often ridiculed by him. This experiment collected hundreds of comments and thousands of likes from fans and stars of Russian show business. For example, Kutsenko supported the joke, noting: “Our smartest! Immediately visible. ”Recall that at the end of last June Kharlamov announced a divorce from the star of“ Interns ”Kristina Asmus. After that, in the microblogging of the couple, jokes about this began to flicker often. Note that earlier both assured the public on social networks that their decision was not influenced by the scandalous film “Text” with the participation of the artist, nor by third parties. Marriage, divorce, angelina jolie, gosha kutsenko, star children, social networks, garik kharlamov, irina shayk , timur batrutdinov, kristina asmus, instagram, larisa guzeeva, humor

Valeria’s youngest son married his beloved one month after the engagement

The first footage from the event appeared on the web Ekaterina Labukhina on August 28, 2020 14: 54ARSENIY SHULGIN WITH A GIRL A month ago, the families of the artist and the boyfriend’s beloved celebrated a joyful event – their engagement. Then the singer noted that she once again felt pride in her son, calling herself a happy mother. A few hours ago, Volkova already shared the first picture since the registration of her marriage with the star heir on her personal Instagram page. The picture shows a 22-year-old bride posing with a huge bouquet of flowers in her hands. For the solemn event, Liana chose a white jacket dress with noticeable gold buttons. The look was completed with light styling and natural makeup. Arseny, on the other hand, published on his blog a video from the salon where he and his friends were getting a manicure, as well as footage of a trip to the registry office. Let us remind you that Shulgin heard the cherished “yes” by asking an important question using a crawl on one of the Moscow City towers … The chosen one gladly agreed to become his legal wife and showed the followers a gorgeous engagement ring.

Guzeeva shared a snapshot from the wedding of Yulia Zimina

Followers praised the host for her honestyEkaterina Labukhina28 August 2020 17:41 LARISA GUZEEVA frame from the Let’s Get Married program The star of the Let’s Get Married program Larisa Guzeeva is a rare guest at social events. wedding banquet of 39-year-old star of the TV series “Carmelita” Yulia Zimina. Judging by the photo published on the social network in the company of the bride, the host had a lot of fun at this holiday. “If you are beautiful in wedding photos, then the wedding was not real. My Yulechka Zimina” the author’s punctuation is preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – she signed the post on her personal Instagram page. In the comments, fans noted that for her age – Larisa 61 years old – Guzeeva looks amazing and very fresh. Many expressed their admiration for her and once again thanked for her honesty and invariable sparkling sense of humor. It is known that Julia has been friends with the star of “Cruel Romance “. The TV personality came to the celebration with her heiress Olga. Zimina appeared before the guests in a lush white organza dress with a train. The presenter came in black trousers and a white oversized shirt, the look was completed by an elegant clutch to match. The feast lasted until late at night. Actress, marriage, bride, holiday, wedding, presenter, TV presenter, social networks, let’s get married, instagram, larisa guzeeva, yulia zimina.

Fedoseeva-Shukshina threatened Alibasova with suicide

The actress painfully took the producer’s desire to dissolve the marriage Ekaterina Labukhina September 17, 2020 17:37 BARI ALIBASOV AND LIDIA FEDOSEEVA-SHUKSHINA Recently, for the first time after the news of the divorce appeared, the star couple met in the studio of the Channel One program “Let them talk.” While communicating with the guests via video link and seeing her husband, the artist could not hold back her tears. Apparently, the stars do not intend to divorce, and there is still a chance to save their relationship. When the host of the show Dmitry Borisov asked Shukshina what she felt before the divorce, she gave out with bewilderment: “What kind of divorce, what are you doing?” At the same time, the woman is ready to do anything to return her apartment to the ownership – for this she is even ready to take her own life. It is known that Alibasov announced his decision to divorce Lydia Nikolaevna last summer. This union lasted for two years. Fedoseyeva-Shukshina took this news painfully and went on a hunger strike. But later the showman remembered warm feelings for the chosen one and said that he would not dissolve the marriage. According to the producer, the behavior of the beloved changed dramatically after she rewrote the apartment to him, and the latter to her driver Sergei Motsar.

Assault on Tarzan and the Queen: “They Live Separately”

The singer said that a year before the wedding, the stripper was courting her Ekaterina Labukhina September 18, 2020 09:51 AM Natasha Koroleva and Tarzan One of the strongest couples among representatives of Russian show business Tarzan, Sergey Glushko in the world, and Natasha Koroleva does not live under the same roof … Many believe that the reason for this was a loud scandal that erupted on the Web after 23-year-old actress Anastasia Shulzhenko admitted that she had met with a married artist for almost a year and a half. After some time, the man himself publicly admitted to treason – then his wife was resting on south, but at the same time accused the girl of allegedly deceiving him – she gave him an unknown substance and then seduced him. Soon the video message disappeared from the showman’s page on the social network. Natalya Shturm tried to clarify the situation. She is sure that Sergei does not repent of his deed. “Natasha changed the productive and loving Igor Nikolaev for the stripper Tarzan, not forgiving Nikolayev’s betrayals, which Tarzan easily forgives. And she will forgive in the future, without a doubt “(hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – writes Sturm on his personal Instagram page. The performer also noted that Sergey is” educated, not conflicted, does not drink and women adore him. ” A year before the wedding with the Queen, the showman courted her. “We even went to swim on the Moskva River, he showed how he was without clothes). And while they were driving, they wrote to him and called, well, there are at least 150 women, “the pop diva recalls.” After the walk, I went home without inviting him to which he was very surprised. But I love monogamous men, and the baton is not mine, “she noted, adding that the Queen, on the contrary, willingly entered this” competition “because she fell in love. Sturm also recalled that the Queen many years ago in an interview she said that she and Glushko live separately – she is with her child outside the city, and her husband is in Moscow – it is more convenient for him to spend the night in the city after work. “Natasha just persuaded herself not to react to his adultery. And it will always be like this, maybe it turns her on, ”concluded the artist, stating that this story is nothing more than a reason for black PR.

72-year-old Shufutinsky married for the third time

The chosen one is 30 years younger than the showman Ekaterina Labukhina September 28, 2020 18:13 Mikhail Shufutinsky Svetlana Urazova became his chosen one – the couple have known each other for 24 years. The artist announced this on the air of the show “Hello Andrey!” On the air, the girl demonstrated her engagement and wedding rings. “Sveta deals with the dance group, many administrative issues, PR issues – it helps a lot. She doesn’t need to go on stage now, because she has much more responsibilities: she is my wife, “said the 72-year-old performer. The showman admitted that his beloved for a long time ignored his attentions, since the musician was married. Before the affair with Svetlana Shufutinsky was married to Tatyana Rostova – this union did not last long – and then he lived with his second wife Margarita for almost 40 years. Five years ago, she died of a heart attack. For a long time, the singer could not come to terms with the loss. Relations with Urazova became a real salvation for him – it was she who helped him survive the tragedy. At the moment, it is known that Urazova is 30 years younger than Mikhail, and also that she has a daughter from a past relationship. Musician, wife, relationship, marriage, wedding, engagement ring, TV show, Mikhail Shufutinsky, Andrey Malakhov, married, age difference , engagement ring, chanson