Buzova hit by jumping into the pool

The presenter played out her vacation in 2020 Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 10:55 am Olga Buzova launch a challenge, showing how he will spend his vacation this year, but during the filming of the video, an unscheduled incident occurred, as a result of which the star earned an injury. “A vacation in 2020 looks exactly like this. Watching to the end, it was really the only take. You will understand why “(spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – she signed the post on her personal Instagram page. First, in the frame, she imitated movement along the airport tape, which she replaced with a treadmill, then in a dressing gown, thrown over a swimsuit, she went to the sun lounger on the roof of her penthouse, and from there to the pool. Olga tried very hard to move gracefully, but, jumping into the water, something went wrong, and she fell, hitting her back hard. This caused surprise and laughter from the singer and the filming team. In the end, everyone agreed that they would leave this particular take. Roof, vacation, injury, singer, video, diving, TV presenter, swimming pool, social networks, Olga Buzova, instagram, humor, quarantine

Katy Perry has published new “pregnant” photos

The singer filmed in the forest in quarantine Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 13:18 Katy Perry In the video, the 35-year-old actress undresses and climbs into a forest stream, but in the microblog, the star published only footage in a dress. This video, filmed outdoors under a declared quarantine, was directed by documentary filmmaker Liza Voloshin. “I wrote this song a couple of months ago as a call to stay true to the course that you set yourself, no matter what others think. Recently, it has acquired a new meaning for me in the light of what the whole world is experiencing. Each of us is one of more than seven billion, and he has his own story of strength and resilience “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – Perry signed one of the fresh posts. Now the performer is on the last months of pregnancy – this summer she and 43-year-old Orlando Bloom will have a daughter. Perry announced her pregnancy from British actor on March 5. After some time, Katie starred half-naked and showed a rounded belly in the video for the song “Never Worn White”. As a reminder, Perry and Bloom got engaged last February. Pregnancy, singer, forest, nature, commentary, belly, photoshoot, orlando bloom, social networks, katy perry, instagram, pregnant stars, quarantine

Fans confused Valeria with Alla Pugacheva

The singer incorrectly put on a protective mask Ekaterina Labukhina May 15, 2020 12:15 pm Valeria www.instagram.com/valeriyaA few hours ago, a new selfie appeared on Valeria’s personal Instagram page. In the frame, the pop diva appeared in glasses and in a medical mask, sitting in a car on the way to Ostankino for the shooting. “1. Quarantinoluk. 2. But you don’t have to paint. 3. Are you sure I am under the mask? Please, come up with your own options for caption for the photo “(the author’s spelling and punctuation are preserved, – note WomanHit.ru), she signed the post. It is curious that many users noted in the comments that at first they thought it was Alla Pugacheva in the picture. Some noted that Valeria’s hairstyle is very similar to that of the Prima Donna – her hair is disheveled, and Alla Borisovna always liked to appear in public with glasses. But many paid attention to the other side of the issue – Valeria put on a mask not only the other way around, but also “up feet. ” Also, fans began to ask the artist if she was taking any additional measures to protect herself from the coronavirus. Note that in the latest stories of her microblogging, the singer complained about traffic jams in the capital.alla pugacheva, hair, singer, glasses, comments, mask, valeria, hairstyle, social networks, instagram, selfie, quarantine

Concert director Babkina spoke about the state of health of the recovered singer

The singer observes self-isolation at home Ekaterina Labukhina May 19, 2020 17:57 Nadezhda Babkina Now the artist feels well and is already starring in new issues of the “Fashionable Sentence” program on Channel One. This is evidenced by fresh videos in the story on the performer’s personal Instagram page. Fans say on social networks that, despite what happened, Babkina looks “fresh”, rested and slimmed down. “Everything is great. Nadezhda Georgievna is in working order, she works, she is removed. I came to the theater for a meeting. Everything is all right with her. Now while she is at home, according to the instructions. Until the 31st, we are all on self-isolation, “- said its concert director Sergei Gorokh in an interview with the journalists of the TV channel” Zvezda “. Recall that Babkina was hospitalized in April. After that, she had to spend 31 days in a medical facility – on May 1, she was already at home.

Gagarina’s husband shared a “personal” poem of his own composition

Fans discuss the latest posts of the photographer amid rumors of divorce Ekaterina Labukhina May 20, 2020 10:16 am Dmitry Iskhakovinstagram.com / isxakov A few hours ago, an unusual post appeared on the personal Instagram page of Polina Gagarina’s husband, photographer Dmitry Iskhakov. “The Countess, with her changed face, runs to the pond” (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the man writes under a photograph of an elderly woman, playfully winking and smiling at the camera. with the bad intentions of Leo Tolstoy’s wife, who learned about the imminent divorce. Others guessed that the photographer had quoted Bender’s telegram from The Golden Calf. And earlier Iskhakov shared with subscribers a poem of his own composition: “One step at a time – in a run, Kaleidoscope days – a whistle, If only to twist the run, And again I am a clean sheet”. In the caption, the photographer noted that it is “pretty personal and almost intimate.” Most fans react to such publications with a degree of bewilderment. After all, now the public expects comments from him and his star darling about the divorce – this week the media reported that the couple intends to break up. Recall that the union of Iskhakov and Gagarina lasted almost six years. In 2017, they had a daughter, Mia. The representative of the performer told reporters that if the artist wants to make a statement, “she will definitely publish it in her accounts in the form in which the information will be transmitted without distortion.” Singer, relationship, husband, divorce, photographer, parting, social networks, polina gagarina, instagram, dmitry iskhakov, quotes

Manukyan responded to criticism of the clip with Buzova about the war

The singer was unable to take off the expensive jewelry before shootingEkaterina LabukhinaMay 22, 2020 16:21David Manukyan After that, the couple had to face harsh criticism on the Web – many users did not like the image of Buzova: bright makeup and branded jewelry looked inappropriate against the background of hostilities in the forest. The blogger had to respond to critics. The man said that the video was created “purely for himself,” and recommended that the dissatisfied not watch it if they do not like it. He noted that he did not plan to create a highly artistic project, the video was shot quickly and was relatively cheap. “I spent 50 thousand rubles. We did not go to certain locations, there is a park near our house. We just went there. I paid the director 10 thousand, he filmed everything with a good camera. I didn’t have a goal to shoot a megakino. I did it for my own pleasure, ”said Dawa, stressing that the idea to shoot such a video came to him spontaneously, so it took only a few hours to prepare for the process. In addition, he did not seek to follow historical facts. Manukyan also explained why his chosen one refused to remove expensive accessories in the frame. “I told her before shooting: ‘Ol, take off your bracelets.’ But they are not removed from her just like that. There is a special key, but it was in another apartment. We just didn’t have the opportunity to take off the jewelry, we didn’t have time, ”the 27-year-old showman admitted in the #RUTalk online chat.

The network is discussing a fresh photo by the Queen

The frame “without Photoshop” in his microblog was published by Shura Ekaterina Labukhina June 1, 2020 18:00 Natasha Koroleva www.instagram.com / koroleva__star A fresh photo, taken in the building of Channel One, appeared on Shura’s personal page on Instagram. In the frame, the performer is posing in the company of Natasha Koroleva. The post caused a violent reaction from users – it seemed to many that in the picture the artist was completely different from herself.Some write that the singer has grown fat and looks tired, as evidenced by a swollen face and wrinkles. Followers note that in the photo on her profile, the Queen looks much fresher and slimmer. Perhaps, users believe, all because of filters and photoshop. Be that as it may, while Natasha herself did not express any comments on this publication. Recall that in the middle of last month, the star admitted to subscribers that she gained four extra pounds during the quarantine period. And her husband Sergei Glushko, acting under the pseudonym Tarzan, was outraged by the living conditions of the artists during the coronavirus pandemic. He complained to reporters that his only business – his own fitness center – had closed. Upon learning of this, the chairman of the Russian Union of Cheese Manufacturers, Oleg Sirota, invited the showman and his wife to work on the farm as milkers or welders.

Alsou first showed subscribers a photo with her son

The singer congratulated the audience on Children’s Day Ekaterina Labukhina June 2, 2020 10:07 AM AlsuINSTAGRAM.COM / ALSOU_A A few hours ago, a touching family photo appeared on the personal page of Alsou’s Instagram. In the frame, the performer is captured with her children. “The whole meaning of my life, my whole world – in one photo! Happy Children’s Day! Take care of each other “(the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – the artist laconically signed the photo. It is worth noting that in the frame the star poses for the first time with the youngest heir – four-year-old Raphael. From the moment the baby was born, Alsou preferred to hide his appearance from the general public. True, even in the aforementioned photo, the boy sits with his back to the camera, so subscribers could not see his face. At the same time, the pop diva periodically uploads pictures of her daughters to the social network. But she began to do this only after they were six years old. One of them – 11-year-old Mikella – recently took part in the children’s “Voice”, which later turned into a major network scandal. Recall that 36-year-old Alsou is happily married to businessman Yan Abramov. Recently, the singer admitted that when she got to know her future spouse better, she immediately realized that he would become the father of her heirs. Congratulations, son, holiday, singer, children’s day, alsou, mother of many children, star children, social networks, third child, instagram

Pelageya cut her bangs and remembered 2014

Fresh photos of the singer are discussed on the Web Ekaterina Labukhina June 5, 2020 10:22 am Pelageya www.instagram.com / pelageya_insta During the period of self-isolation, many begin to experiment with the image. The star of the “Voice” project Pelageya was no exception – the 33-year-old actress shortened her hair and cut off her bangs. She showed the results of this experiment to her subscribers – she posted a series of fresh pictures on her personal Instagram page. I remembered 2014 … And the mood improved! © Grishkovets “(spelling and punctuation of the author preserved, – approx. WomanHit.ru), – she signed the post. The star really wore a similar hairstyle six years ago, but then she combed her bangs to one side. Now the pop diva decided to leave the bangs-curtain, which partially covers her eyebrows. Most of the singer’s colleagues on the stage approved her new image, but fans could not come to a consensus on this score. Some didn’t even recognize her. Someone already asks to return the previous look. And someone thinks that a celebrity with a new hairstyle looks younger. There were some comparisons. Some compared Pelageya with Christina Orbakaite and Olga Kormukhina, and others with Kylie Minogue. It is known that the performer recently filed documents for divorce from hockey player Ivan Telegin, with whom she announced her separation at the end of last year. At that time, the couple had not lived together for several months, but they tried to maintain friendship for the sake of their common three-year-old daughter Taisia. Judging by the fact that the application for divorce was filed not in the world district, but in the court, some of the issues regarding alimony and property will be resolved with the participation of lawyers.

MakSim went to the tennis court after rehabilitation

The singer was photographed in the company of the trainer Ekaterina Labukhina July 6, 2020 10:15 AM MakSim www.instagram.com / MAKSIMARTIST A fresh photo of the popular singer MakSim has appeared on the web. It was published on the personal page of Instagram by the producer of the artist Margarita Sokolova. In the frame, the performer is captured on a tennis court with her coach, she is wearing a sports uniform, and a bag with rackets on her shoulder. In the comments, many users noted that the 37-year-old singer is slimmer and looks fresh and rested. It is worth noting that this is the first photo after rehabilitation that the star had to go through due to a car accident in 2019 – then, in April, the girl got into an accident abroad on her way to the airport. The cause of the incident was a punctured wheel. According to some reports, as a result, MakSim suffered short-term memory loss – she was hospitalized in a serious condition. In early February, the celebrity producer said that her ward had spinal bruises and problems with cerebral vessels. Doctors recommended the performer to interrupt stage activities – which she did since last February. Sokolova believes that MakSim will be able to pursue a musical career in the same mode only in a year. Tennis, coach, sports, singer, weight loss, car accident, treatment, producer, maksim, social networks, instagram