A welcome email, or subscription confirmation email, is the first email your customer receives when they subscribe to a newsletter. It comes to him automatically after filling out and submitting the form. All further communication with the client depends precisely on whether you will be able to win him over with the help of the first letter.

Welcome email solves the following tasks:

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  • confirms that the visitor did everything correctly, that his subscription to the newsletter was successfully completed, and now he will receive letters from you;
  • introduces the subscriber to the order of sending letters: when, how much, how often he will receive messages from you by e-mail;
  • keeps the user s attention, captivates him, makes him look forward to new letters;
  • offers unique opportunities – personal discounts, promotional codes, introduces special offers, etc.;
  • talks about the company in more detail.

Welcome emails have a higher open rate than regular emails – 45.7% versus 18.8%. Conversion of such emails is also higher – 1% versus 0.17% in regular promotional emails. According to research from Salesforce, only 42% of brands send welcome emails to their prospects in 2017. This means that using this technique, you can bypass your competitors, increase sales, and inspire trust in the brand literally from the first meeting with a subscriber.

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A few secrets of successful welcome emails

  • The greeting letter is worth send immediately after the site visitor has subscribed to the newsletter. After a few days and even hours it will be too late. While he is “on the same wavelength” with you, do not miss the chance to captivate him, push him to get to know you better.
  • Create the appearance of a dialogue. Sending a dry message “you signed up for the mailing list” is a bad idea. Do you want to win over a potential client to yourself? Then use a friendly tone, add images.
  • Please make sure that the template of this letter matches design your website and the design of all subsequent emails. This will help strengthen your brand.
  • Think about the subject (title) of your first welcome email. Make the reader want to open the letter – don t just say hi, but point out the benefit. For example: “We are glad to welcome! We give 10% discount“. More on the topic: 100 Sales Headline Templates

And, of course, it s important to think about the effective content of your welcome email.

Welcome email structure

A welcome letter is an important link in the formation of a brand image. What to put in this first letter depends on your goals. For more efficiency, use the structure below.


Saying “hello” or “hello” is good form. Thank the user for subscribing, and this will endear him to you.

Tell us a little about yourself

Yes, the new subscriber has already read your offer and information about you on the site. But here you can briefly tell once again who you are and how you can help (or what valuable offer) your potential client.

Requests or questions to the subscriber

For example, confirm registration, take a test to get to know each other better. You can also ask the subscriber here to add your address to the contact list so that the letters are not lost.


Discounts, promotional codes, gifts, special offers that you announced in the subject line. For example, how Adidas does it:

As a result, you are invited to visit your site and purchase a product, thereby increasing your conversion rate.

Call to action

After reading it, the recipient of the letter should have some kind of algorithm of actions – what should he do next. Invite him to make his first purchase. Show available products and invite them to buy or choose something else. Invite to read blog articles, download a free book … Just don t ask for a lot. Completing difficult tasks and completing quests is definitely not included in your visitor s plans.

Contact Information

Phone numbers, e-mail for feedback, address. Let the user contact you in a convenient way if necessary.

Unsubscribe button

An obligatory element of any letter. If the client does not want to receive your letters, he should be able to unsubscribe from them at any time.

Remember that you will not get a chance to send your greeting letter again. And that it is this letter that lays the foundation for further successful relationship with a potential client.

Brevity, a friendly tone, useful information for the client, bonuses and gifts – all this will set the subscriber in the right mood.

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Inspirational Welcome Email Examples

It s time to move from dry theory to practice. Let s take a look at a few examples of good welcome emails from various companies.

1. ModnaKasta – online store of clothing and accessories.

What is good about this letter?

  • the design of the letter is consistent with the design of the site, there is a company logo – it strengthens the brand;
  • there is a proposal to add an address to the address book;
  • included a greeting and a short message about the benefits of the recipient of the letter.
  • call to action – activate your account;
  • the benefits of a member of the club are listed;
  • an invitation to visit the site.

The letter is friendly, but at the same time discreet, and contains only information useful to the user.

2. Onlinetours sends a very friendly, light letter that evokes only positive emotions. It perfectly conveys the tone of the brand as a whole.

What is good about this letter?

  • decorated in the corporate colors of the brand;
  • an image was used to set the desired mood;
  • a link to your personal account is given, there is a login and password to enter.
  • briefly informs what you can do in your personal account;
  • an invitation to read blog articles;
  • there is a gift for a new user – 500 miles;
  • call to action – invite friends to get more bonuses.

3. Kideria.ru – online store of children s goods.

What is good about this letter?

  • bright, memorable design;
  • there is a greeting and gratitude for the subscription;
  • links to store sections – you can go shopping directly from the letter;
  • great image;
  • list of benefits for the buyer.

But there are also disadvantages – the link to the registration confirmation is too small and gets lost against the background of other elements, and there is no clear call to action.

four. Gilt Is another online boutique selling branded items.

wellcome mail

What is good about this letter?

  • stylish design, photos of models were used to attract attention;
  • provides 5 tips for a new buyer, and these tips clearly read the benefits of the user;
  • a link to the mobile application is given;
  • there are several calls to action – start shopping – at the beginning of the letter and at the end;
  • links to social networks are given.

5. DuoLingo – application for learning foreign languages.

What is good about this letter?

  • a friendly greeting in a playful way;
  • advice on language learning is given;
  • the benefits to the user are indicated;
  • clear calls to action;
  • there are links to pages on social networks and an invitation to subscribe.

Use welcome emails as another way to win over your prospect. Take inspiration from the examples in this article and write a letter that will impress your subscribers.

Effective email marketing!

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