It is necessary not only to new visitors to your site, but also to those who have been with you for a long time, to tell about promotions, give gifts and simply wish a Happy New Year.

Of course, you can hope for targeted advertising or that the client himself will remember you and go to the page. But it s much more efficient to develop and launch a New Year email marketing strategy.

1. Why is email the best channel for a New Year campaign?

The death of email newsletters has long been predicted, and they have been an effective means of communicating with customers and have remained. Why is this happening and what is the secret of the channel s popularity among marketers?

1. Low cost compared to other channels. As a result, the profitability is higher, because with the same costs for different channels, the effectiveness of the email will be higher.

2. Ability to independently determine who and what information will receive in the letter… This increases the relevance of emails and audience loyalty.

3. Personalization of letters… Unlike other traffic channels, you already know the audience you are sending emails to, and therefore you can customize the content that is most relevant to them. And thanks to modern services – to automate personalization.

4. Marketing automation. Most mailings can be configured automatically.

5. Increasing brand awareness and customer loyalty

6. Newsletter is the best tool for customer retention and return

One of the American services for sending email has conducted a study on the popularity of mailing lists. And I found out that 74% of consumers prefer the email channel to communicate with brands. In addition, they predict an 83% rise in the popularity of email marketing over the next couple of years.

2. The backbone of good holiday newsletters

1. Strategy… The first thing to do is to develop a clear timetable: what, when and to whom we will send. And most importantly – for what purpose. Don t try to make all your emails sell. Thank the client, help him choose gifts, tell us about your work schedule for the holidays. There are a lot of ideas. The main thing is to think at the time of drawing up a strategy about your client, and not about profit.

2. Writing style… Prepare a New Year template for your letters. You don t have to make a separate template for this holiday, just decorate the logo with a Santa hat and make sure that all your banners are made in a festive style.

3. Festive content… All pictures and information in the letter during this period should inspire a festive mood.

4. Analyze past experiences… See what worked for you last year. If there were no newsletters before, analyze the content on social networks and targeted ads that were most effective – this will help you understand what your audience likes.

5. Look at competitors… This is another way to figure out what to send. Read the cases of past years and look through the mailings of famous brands, there are always a lot of interesting things.

6. Pay attention to the subject line… A / B test the emoji in the theme. Identify which headlines grab your readers the most to maximize your email open rates.

7. Think about the future… Offer in your mailings not only discounts and gifts here and now, but also gift cards and loyalty programs for the future. After all, if someone bought a gift card from you, then he or the person to whom he gives it will definitely return to your store.

3. What ideas work

1. Guide for choosing gifts… The most useful newsletter. From year to year it remains one of my favorite and selling ones. It helps not only to navigate your assortment, but also to form gift ideas for the reader as a whole.

New Year s email newsletters

Fig. 1 – Guide for choosing gifts

NG email

Fig. 2 – Gifts and useful content

2. New Year promotion… Everybody loves gifts and practical jokes. And on the eve of the New Year, users are especially expecting a miracle and a festive mood, so they are more willing to take part in all sorts of activities. It s time to take advantage of this)

New Year mailings

Fig. 3 – New Year promotion

3. Customer care and gratitude… It s always nice when you are appreciated. Your clients as well. So just say a few kind words to them. Not hackneyed, but from the heart. And they will remember you and return in the New Year. And if you can combine this with the recommendations for 2021, the effect will be even better!

New Year s email

Fig. 4 – Customer Care and Thanks to Irwin Naturals

Irwin Naturals has no Christmas products, but they have found something to write about. In their letter, they talked about how to get through the pre-holiday stress and ease the work of your stomach on the holidays with your medications and supplements.

Email NG mailing

Fig. 5 – A selection of dresses for the New Year s party

Chi rosilka from

Email NG

Fig. 6 – Newsletter from

4. Discounts and sales… Permanent attribute of all holidays! Here you will definitely not go wrong and will delight your subscribers. Most importantly, try not to be overused in the text and take care of a beautiful visual design of the letter to stand out from the competition.

New Year s emails

Fig. 7 – A selection of watches for a gift


So what do you need to do to make your New Year emails pay off? Just follow our advice, look at the cases of competitors and niche leaders, study your audience and not be afraid to experiment!
And remember: there are no niches unsuitable for holiday mailings, there is little imagination.

And if you want to entrust all this to professionals at once – feel free to write to us ?

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